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[Bug] Famous leaders - Leuchtturm - 07-09-2017

So before heading off for vacation tomorrow, one last thing i noticed Tongue

The famous leaders list that is shown if you click on a country you don't conquered yet works not correct!
I see only one or two countries with famous leaders, germany for example got 4 vicrtories in my headquarter list but no famous leader.
Not even all victories claimed by myselfgot an entry. For example i've got entries in Iraq Repuclic and Arabian Federation but not in Iran and South Asia!

RE: [Bug] Famous leaders - Santorayo - 07-09-2017

That's actually not a bug but depends on your privacy settings. The app can't retrieve player's name if they don't allow to do that. For more information you can take a look at this guide: https://board.evilgrog.com/showthread.php?tid=12 Smile

RE: [Bug] Famous leaders - Leuchtturm - 07-09-2017

Yes i thought so, but i haven't changed anything an some of my times that had been listed some days ago are gone others are still there.

RE: [Bug] Famous leaders - doctorpeer - 07-09-2017

Same here, none of my victories are listed.  Ive had the google play settings on since the first game.

RE: [Bug] Famous leaders - Santorayo - 07-09-2017

Weird. I can see the scores from both of you in the game. I will investigate what's going on there.